Theme nights at the Belle Époque

09 January - 09 April 2020

Stucco ceilings and walls, crystal chandeliers, historic paintings, velvet chairs. The Belle-Époque restaurant takes you back 100 years in time. Until the menu is served, that is. The exquisite cuisine transports you straight into the here and now.

Every first Thursday of the month: Valaisan evening - experience regional Valaisan dishes.

Every second, third and fourth Thursday of the month: Gala evening - feel transported back to the Belle Époque

Menu Valais Evening:
« Ramschfädrusalat » Dandelion salad with bacon and egg
Cheese salad with apple
Cervelat salad
Valaisan dried meat and cheese plate
Rösti pie filled with truffled cheese fondue
«Cholera» Covered puff pastry with vegetables
Fillets of perch from Raron
Endive gratin with mashed potatoes
Chicken strips with rice
« Gsottus » Different kinds of boiled beef
Baked apples
Apricot cake
Toblerone mousse

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